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How does it work

Buy a work of art (during a exhibition)
In case a particular painting is bought, the work is marked with a red dot. The buyer will then see to it that the amount due is paid within two weeks. The work can be collected on the last day of the exhibition (after 16.00 hrs), or at a later date. During the exhibition the works are insured, and in case of theft or damage the amount paid will be returned. After the last day of the exhibition the work is no longer insured. If the buyer wishes to collect the work at a later date, I will take good care of it, but cannot be held responsible.

The option (during a exhibition)
If you consider buying a work of art, but need some time to make a final decision, there is the possiblity of taking an option. The work will then be marked with a green dot. You then have a first claim to the work. This claim usually lasts one week. In within that period a third party should wish to buy the work, I am entitled to notify you. In that case you are obliged to take an immediate decision.

Buying a work of art you've seen on my site
You can contact me if you are interested in a work of art you saw on my site.
If possible we make an appointoment so you to see the work for yourself before you buy it.

For works of art above € 400,- there is a possibility to make monthly payments.

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