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Buy existing work

Interested in one of my free works?
Have you seen a work on my site or during an exhibition that you would like to buy? Please contact me byemail or telephone (06-50284430). We will then make an appointment so that you can first see the artwork in real life.

How does it work

Buying a work of art during an exhibition
If a certain work of art is purchased during an exhibition, a red dot is attached to the work. The buyer then ensures that the purchase amount is transferred within 2 weeks. The work can then be collected on the last day of the relevant exhibition (after 4 p.m.). Or at a later date if it suits the buyer better. The works are insured during the exhibition and the purchase price will be refunded to the buyer in the event of theft or damage. After the last day of the exhibition, the work is no longer insured. If the buyer collects the purchased work later, I will take care of this, but the aforementioned risks are for the buyer.

The option
If for whatever reason you are considering buying a work of art, but you still need some time to decide, you can take an option. A green dot is then pasted on the artwork. You then have the right of first purchase. This usually applies for a week. However, if someone else is sure to purchase the work in question within that time, I will contact you first. Only in this case do you have to make a decision immediately at that moment.

For works of art above € 400, - there is a possibility to pay in installments.

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