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If, after a non-binding introduction, you decide to give me an assignment, I will make an appointment with you to discuss your wishes regarding size, composition, color, background and any attributes. This is followed by a photo session or, if that is not possible, the selection of existing photo material. With the help of these photos I make one or more sketch proposals in the form of a collage. Together with me you determine the final starting point for the painting in terms of expression and composition. Only after this preliminary stage does the painting itself begin. I'll send you regular updates via email so you can see how things are going.

The painting is made in several layers transparent and opaque. Since the oil paint must always dry between these layers, this stage can sometimes extend to several weeks. The last layer before delivery is a retouching varnish. Entirely depending on the nature and scope of the assignment, the total work process takes several weeks to months. Sometimes there is a waiting period before I can start an assignment.

The final varnish can only be applied about one year after the painting has been completed: the paint is then sufficiently dry that the paint skin can be closed with this varnish. Applying this layer of varnish is part of the service of the assignment.

Pencil and colored pencil drawings take less time. Depending on the subject, the production will take about two to four weeks.

Some price examples
The prices of the artworks may differ, depending on the size and technique.

Commissioned oil on canvas:
30 x 40 cm
€ 695,00 euro incl VAT

40 x 60 cm
€ 1.300,00 euro incl VAT

60 x 60 cm
€ 1.540,00 euro incl VAT

80 x 100 cm
€ 2.260,00 euro incl VAT

  Assignments are custom-tailored to your wishes. The prices can therefore also differ or be adjusted to your budget.

Rob de Vries