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Urban landscapes and Still lifes
Because of my fascination with American Photorealism from the 60s and 70s I was looking for a subject that will keep me busy for years to come.

First I painted typical American subjects such as Neon Signs and cars. In early 2011 he got the idea for the "Postcards from Amsterdam" series. Unusual points of view, cropping and details of known and unknown spots in my hometown. They are always subjects that appeal to me directly during my walks through the city. Because there are many beautiful places in the world outside Amsterdam I expanded the "Postcards" series and simply called it "Urban landscapes".

I make timeless and elegant portraits for official, corporate and private commissions in oil paint, colored pencil and pencil. I use the techniques of the great classical masters for over five hundred years. These old techniques combined with modern use of color make these portraits a work of art you will enjoy for many years to come.

Rob de Vries