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As an artist I want to evoke memories in people, of an event, a place or a bygone time.
Of course I do this not only for the viewer but also for myself.
Back to a time or place when everything was carefree.

Before starting a painting I try to learn as much as possible about the subject by reading about it, viewing it and buying or borrowing it to photograph it extensively so that I have enough reference material.

I love to spend hours working on the smallest details. I mainly use oil paint for this. I've been using a limited palette of five colors plus white for a while now. These colors are vermilion red, cadmium yellow, kraplak, cobalt blue and emerald green.

With my recent series I try to bring long-forgotten memories back to life. I paint all the details, damage and irregularities of my subjects. Often larger than life size so that the viewer sees details that he/she had never discovered before.
Rob de Vries